Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make with your company the first year of employment?
An experienced driver that is familiar with our lanes can earn above our average of $70,000. A driver experienced with running the Eastern US can reach $80,000+ the first year. Our typical driver will have between 3 and 12 stops per week with unload pay which will significantly increase the earnings potential for drivers especially if they are familiar with our premium stop areas.
What other benefits do you offer?
We have a wide variety of benefits available to full time coworkers after 1 st of the month following 60-days of employment. We offer a choice of healthcare benefits through Group and Pension Administrators including our Basic Plan, which is also a Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified, Buy Up Plan (80/20) and a $300 Cash-Out option if you have other healthcare coverage. Each plan has different deductibles, co-pays, out-of- pocket and contribution levels. Our Full Benefits program provides employees a $15,000 life insurance policy and Short Term disability at "No Cost". Included in our offering is a wide variety of voluntary insurance benefits - Dental, Vision, Long Term Disability, Life and AD&D, Accident, and Critical Illness.
Is there a 401k plan?
Yes there is a 401K plan. We offer a full complement of low cost funds from the Fidelity Investments. Eligibility is at 60-days of service and you can make deferral changes quarterly thereafter. The company will match 50% of the first 4% of your contributions. After 10 years of service the company will match 75% of the first 4% of your contributions.
Do you have any dedicated runs or route preferences?
We have several dedicated runs however we frequently assign drivers to run regular trips into certain regions. We currently have 40% of our driver’s home daily on dedicated runs. Although not guaranteed, when a driver does particularly well in one region or the other, we will do our best to keep the driver in that lane. Ultimately as customer needs arise, operations may seek drivers to service this area.
What is a typical work schedule and how often will I be home?
A typical work schedule would depend on the terminal assignment. The work schedules generally are where you leave out Sunday, Sunday night or Monday depending on your assigned load and he location of your first delivery. Naturally if you have a long trip say TX or FL you may have to leave earlier. Those trucks with their first delivery within a short distance from their home terminal could leave early morning Monday. Drivers are typically home every week and depending on where you live and the route you are assigned home time could be more frequent. We are proud to say that the majority of our drivers are home every week. Depending on delivery schedules, length of haul, break downs, delays, weather, hours-of- service, etc. some load assignments may require extended time out.
What speed are the trucks set to run?
Sleeper trucks are set at 68mph with 70mph on the cruise. Day cabs are set at 66mph.
What types of trucks?
International ProStar, 226 inch wheelbase, 435 - 460 HP engines, Autoshift transmissions, walk-in sleepers, electric APU and power converters.
Freightliner Cascadia, PT126DC, DT12 automatic transmission, DD15 engine
What types of trailers?
The majority of loads are on 53’ dry vans. Only 10% of our trailer fleet are flatbeds, lowboys and drop-decks for specialty shipments.
Can I take my assigned truck home?
Drivers living close to a terminal are required to leave the truck at their assigned terminal with the exception of in route shipments with dispatch approval where you can take trucks home. If hired away from our terminal areas and in an active lane, drivers are permitted to take trucks home providing they have a safe and proper parking area.
How much will I make a mile, and how do you determine paid miles?
Depending on your experience, your base mileage pay will be 54 - 56 cents per mile with an additional 9 cents more outside of OH, IN, NC, & SC, and an additional 12 cents more on the East & West Coast. Mileage is paid by PC Miler point-to-point zip code on practical settings. For a typical week, drivers earn an extra twelve (12) cents per mile with stop and securement pay.
Are drivers assigned to trucks?
Yes drivers are assigned to trucks. Slip seating only if we encounter breakdowns or equipment shortages or if on a dedicated assignment.
How are the trucks maintained?
If you drive out of our Fort Recovery, OH or Greer, SC terminals the trucks are serviced while you are at home. If you drive out of one of our other facilities, the maintenance may be contracted to outside garages but, when possible, trucks are routed through one of the terminals for quality service and maintenance.
How many stops per week and what is the stop pay?
We are a truckload and multi-stop carrier where drivers may average 3 to 12 stops per week or more if running shorter trips. Depending on the selected pay plan stops can be paid from $9.00 to $30.00 depending on the geographical area of the stop. Generally the Northeastern States, Southern California & Nevada, Chicago and hot spots are the higher dollar stops.
How much driving experience do I need?
We require that you have at least 6 months of recent experience. Those with less experience may start as an apprentice driver.
Do I need to have Hazardous Materials endorsement on my CDL?
Yes we do require a Haz-Mat and Tanker endorsement and for maintaining proper Haz-Mat credentials, you will be paid a four (4) cent per mile premium for transporting placarded shipments. When you renew your Haz-Mat endorsement with the TSA fingerprinting and background checks, the company will reimburse you the cost for Fingerprints. In addition, we do want drivers to obtain and maintain a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) and the company will also reimburse this cost.
Where can I fuel?
We use the Comdata system for fuel purchases. We have fuel agreements with Pilot and Flying J but prefer drivers to fuel as much as possible at our terminals.
Do you have Pre-Pass/EZ- Pass?
Yes we have Pre-Pass Plus which works at all EZ-Pass tolls and Pre-Pass scale bypass programs.
Is running toll roads permitted?
Preferred routing is provided, and drivers are expected to travel the safest shortest practical truck route and to avoid tolls wherever possible.
Will I have to go to New York City?
Less than 3% of our shipments go into the boroughs of NYC or Canada. We have a group of drivers that prefer to handle these because we pay a premium for these shipments ($100.00 flat rate + $30.00/Stop). Typically we are able to assign these shipments to drivers wanting to go, however as customers demand we may ask drivers to handle these shipments for our customers.
Can I idle my truck?
Fuel consumption has become a very critical issue. We believe that a driver should limit idling whenever possible to keep the long term idle to a minimum. We do track idle time on the trucks and will follow up with drivers that habitually have above average idle time. Sleeper trucks will have an electric APU to heat or cool the cab with the engine off.
How much driver unloading do you have and how much will I be paid for doing it?
Currently less than 5% of all shipments require hand unload, however securing and unsecuring cargo is done frequently. We have customers that secure equipment with blocks requiring drivers to pull blocks and nails at delivery to unsecure and place blocks and nail to secure if loading. For any driver that hand loads or unloads cargo or that blocks or unblocks cargo, they are paid $1.00 per 1000 lbs in addition to stop pay. As an example, if you have a 40,000 lb shipment of material handling equipment, and knock out blocks and pull nails you will be paid an additional $40.00.
Do you have a rider program?
Yes, we have a rider program for immediate family (13 years+) only available to drivers with at least 90-days of service and a satisfactory safety record. All riders must be pre-approved by the Safety Department.
Do you have a dress code for drivers?
Yes, we want drivers to be neat and professional in appearance. We do provide company logo shirts and identification badges to be worn at customers and terminals. Drivers should maintain proper hygiene and maintain hair and beards and keep them neatly trimmed, other clothing should be clean and in good repair and for safety wear heavy leather footwear when working in trailers or at customer's facilities.
How much vacation time do I get?
Drivers receive 5 to 20 days of vacation time based on their years of service: 1y = 5 Days, 2-3y = 10 Days, 4-5y = 12 Days, 6-7y = 13 Days, 8-9y = 14 Days, 10-11y = 15 Days, 12-14y = 17 Days, and 15+y = 20 Days. Vacation pay is paid at an average of your gross earnings from the prior year. So as an example a driver earning $52,000.00 a year will have roughly $1,000.00 for their vacation check after 1 year and up to $4,000.00 for 15+ years. Knowing the demands of our profession, we are very aware of the home time and family needs of our drivers. We provide easy access to personal time off with instant approval under certain circumstances. Instant approval occurs with proper notice (7 days) and previously submitted times off requests for the day from our total driver roster does not exceed 5%, and you have days available.
How many tickets can I have on my CDL?
No more than 3 moving violations OR No serious violations in the past 36 months.
How does the company view safety?
Safety is our first priority. We frequently communicate with drivers on safety issues via our mobile communications systems, newsletter and targeted training programs. Each accident, injury, highway inspection, moving violation & CSA/SMS data is reviewed monthly where corrective action is determined. We operate 100% hours-of- service compliant with eDriver Logs.

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